Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Speech On Levelling Up The UK

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Local Skills Improvement Plan
by Paul Brooks

Skills training boosted across the country.

Further measures to boost the nation’s skills, level up opportunities and get more people into better paid jobs have been announced today (15 July).

The measures come after the Prime Minister delivered his levelling up speech, where he underlined the need to escalate the value of practical and vocational education through the lifetime skills guarantee, which will boost skills and open up opportunities for more people at every stage of their lives.

The Government’s successful Skills Bootcamp training programmes will be expanded to every region of the country, offering an extra 16,000 fully funded places for adults to upskill or retrain.

The expansion covers a range of digital and technical training including in green skills, such as solar energy installation, sustainable agriculture, nuclear energy, and green transport, along with coding and software development, so more adults have the opportunity to access the skills and training they need that leads directly to a job.

A consultation has been launched on the future of the National Skills Fund, which has already supported thousands of adults to upskill and retrain through Skills Bootcamps, and given access to almost 400 free courses through the Free Courses for Jobs programme.

The consultation will ask for views on how the fund should be adapted for the future, so it continues to meet the future skills needs of individuals and employers, levelling up opportunities across the country.

Eighteen areas across the country will also be the first to lead work to build stronger partnerships between local employer groups, colleges and other providers through the Skills Accelerator programme, so the training on offer meets the need of local communities and fills skills gaps in key sectors of the economy including construction, digital, clean energy and manufacturing. This will mean more people can get the training needed to secure great jobs close to home.